Company News 2

Check out what we have been up to as a company lately!

We celebrated Mill Haven Foods 7th Birthday!

We currently stand 95,000 sq.feet, our favorite color is maroon and shades of gray…not fifty, our favorite music is whatever Schuster is feeling in the lab or Milkshake by Kelis, and our favorite food is Snickers Ice Cream Bars…popcorn popped by Hollie…Janet Cake…Kelsi’s Cupcakes…the chips that keep reappearing…Walking Tacos…hot dogs no buns…and today Famous Daves!

Wa Du Shuda 2017

This year’s Wa Du Shuda Theme was Under The Sea. We defended our Wa Du Shuda Parade Title as Pirates sailing the New Lisbon Sea! Brittany and Devin’s son, Gage, won over the crowd as he slept in his remote control car.


We threw out over 3,000 bags of candy, disrupted a live broadcast of the parade for a selfie, sweat a lot in our costumes, but took home another first place trophy!

Summer Cooking! 

Brian and Hollie have been busy this summer cooking up steaks, hamburgers, nachos, and tacos this summer!