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Expansion 2016-2017 Progress

Check out the progress of our latest expansion in New Lisbon and Tomah

We're Growing...Again!

Mill Haven Foods Expands

Again? Again.

Have you heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? It’s simple, it’s basic, and can really sum up the Mill Haven Foods Experience. Maslow’s Hierarchy is a pyramid, showing basic human needs for motivation. Really, it could be the Slater way and explains why we are constantly moving towards the next project.

The base of the pyramid is the physiological needs, it’s the absolute base; food, water, warmth, rest. This level comes with any job, a paycheck. At Mill Haven Foods, that’s not our focus, and that’s definitely not the goal.

The next section up on the pyramid, safety needs. The feeling of security and safety in a job is necessary. To be at ease when working, to be comfortable, and to know that there is a tomorrow, a next week, next month, to be part of the continued plan. Mill Haven Foods absolutely takes care of the safety needs; we work hard, we stay focused, and we know that we will be a part of tomorrow.

Movin’ on up…belongingness and love needs. We aren’t robots. We as humans need to have friends; we need to have that sense of belonging and we need to build relationships with meaning. This is where Mill Haven Foods differs from a “job.” We are, without a doubt, family. We eat more birthday cake than one should, we celebrate life with each other, we mourn loss with each other, whatever we do, we do it together.

A step higher on the pyramid, esteem needs.  When the bottom three levels are reached and satisfied, we have the need to be successful, to be confident, to achieve, to do more, and to have self-respect and respect from others. Mill Haven Foods has created an environment where we are allowed to push to the next level; we are allowed to achieve and do well, which is obvious in our exports, our technology, our needs to offer the highest quality ingredients with the highest quality customer support and knowledge.

Finally, we’ve reached the tip of the pyramid; self-actualization and even the illusive transcendence needs. This is Mill Haven Foods. We love what we do and are always pushing ourselves to do more, learn more, and to be ahead of trend. We are constantly thinking of new ways to succeed, new markets to reach, and how to help.

With all of these steps reached, we are able to reach the transcendence needs. To be transcendent one needs to be able to connect outside of oneself. Charitable giving is common for businesses, but to be invested, to donate money and time, and to genuinely care about projects, causes, and everyone’s tomorrows is Mill Haven Foods. We don’t rest. For example, Hollie and Brian created Stepping for Hunger. This past weekend was the 9th Annual 5k and 10k to raise money for the Juneau County Food Pantry. After this year, they will have raised 70,000 dollars. Hollie also donates her time and volunteers at the New Lisbon Food Pantry.  Brian donates his time as the New Lisbon Education Foundation President, this year Mill Haven Foods, donated $100,000 to the foundation. Their passion for these causes is so contagious that their causes are our causes. We don’t do things for our benefit; we do things for the community benefit, so we all win.

Our passion and commitment to community drives our passion and eagerness for success and a bigger and better tomorrow.

Our bigger and better tomorrow starts now…

On Friday, September 16, Brian and Hollie Slater signed a developer’s agreement with the city of Tomah to create a new 77,000 square foot facility. This facility will help us meet customer demands, at Mill Haven Foods standards, while being able to add Tomah to our Family.

On Monday, September 19, Brian and Hollie Slater signed a developer’s agreement with the city of New Lisbon to expand on our existing location on 211 Leer Street. We have outgrown our footprint and need to expand our current lab to comply with our growth in New Lisbon, as well as our new home in Tomah.  We will also be expanding several other aspects of our facility, including locker rooms, a new training facility, and administrative offices.

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Wisconsin’s 2015 Modeling the Way

Brian and Hollie were recognized as the 2015 “Modeling the Way Award” Winners at the Leadership Excellence Awards in Eau Claire.

“The Modeling the Way Award recognizes an individual (any age) who: has demonstrated impact on individuals, organizations, community and/or Wisconsin; inspires/engages others to work towards common goals; demonstrates a commitment to inclusion, diversity, collaboration, and civil dialogue; and shows evidence of commitment to future contributions as a leader.”

It’s extremely evident to why Brian and Hollie were chosen as the Modeling the Way Award Winners. Brian and Hollie’s energy and passion for success and community involvement is absolutely contagious.

Brian and Hollie have a real hands on approach to leadership. They are positively involved in every facet at Mill Haven Foods. They are constantly donating their time, effort, and funds throughout the community. They are always ready and eager to bring new ideas and opportunities to the community and to the employees of Mill Haven Foods.

Congrats Brian and Hollie! We appreciate you!


Mill Haven Foods Celebrates Our 5th Birthday!

Mill Haven Foods turned 5 years old this month (June 2015)!

Our Mill Haven Foods family (Jimmy, Randy, Carl, Lynn and Eric) that have been with us since day one were thanked with Traeger Wood Pellet Grills!


UW-Extension Visit - March 2015

The UW-Extension hosted an International Delegation from Kazakhstan and toured Mill Haven Foods this week. The theme this year was Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship.